Kit List

The Following below is the Kit List used by me during my 6 day trek of mount kilimanjaro . I did not want to spend crazy amounts of money on my kit so did shop around a little. I returned many items which did not fit well or that I found to be poor quality. Makes sure everything kits perfectly and meets your needs. 

Meindl Men's Kansas GTX Boots (An amazing boot)

Nike gym shoes for camp

Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir 2L

Nalgene 1lr water bottle

Pee Bottle 

Leki Trekker Walking Pole (Pair)

Lowe Alpine Powerstretch Balaclava

Boulder 35 Rucksack Blue

BRANO- mens tp50 3 in 1 jacket (Wore this jacket on summit night)

2 fleece tops 

Snugbug Beanie Crochet Cap

Northface down jacket (I did not wear it once)

​Trespass - thriller adults thermal underwear set

Helly-Hansen base layer top and bottom set

​Trespass - denzel - mens glove

​Northface thin gloves

Vango Large Camping Pillow - Black

Dart - mens neck warmer

Mallik mens convertible cargo trousers​

Berghaus Paclite Men's Waterproof Trousers 

​2 moisture wicking t-shirts 

1 Underamour long sleeve t-shirt 

Rain poncho / Long

Mountain equipment wet & dry kit bag 70l

3 pairs of trekking socks / 2 thermal socks

Black Diamond head torch 

2 toilet rolls 

3 packs of wet wipes 

Spare batteries 

Camera with spare batteries 


2 bottles of hand sanitiser 

Sun glasses 

Sun hat

Sun cream 

​Hand Warmers / 10pack

3 bin liners 

Water proof case for wallet/passport

Insect spray containing DEET( From boots)


Fresh outfit for flight home

​Sleeping bag was provided by tour company 

Please use other sites also as you may require different equipment based on your needs. This is just a list of what I used for a successful summit. I didn't need to use my down jacket as I had enough layers on to stay warm during summit night. If you must buy a down jacket, buy one that scrunches up into a small bag. 

I made the mistake and didn't buy gaiters but highlyrecommend them, I actually used a porters gaiters on summit night (as porters don't summit, the head guild managed to find someone who would lend me theres) I will explain why these are very important on my tips page.