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Kilimanjaro Rongai Route - Hello and welcome to my site. I have created this site to help people wishing to trek Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania and provide a detailed 'blog' style insight into my Kili adventure. I successfully summited Uhuru peak on October 2015 along with several friends. We decided on the 6 day Rongai route and descending from the Marangu route. We used the company Nature Discovery who was AMAZING, they gave us no problems and were very professional. I highly recommend them.   

​I used the internet and websites like this to help me prepare for my trip so I am returning the favour and posting my experience along with my kit list and advice for a successful summit. I will be honest with my account and all images displayed on this site are taken by me. Even though I will only talk about the Rongai route on this site, I still think It will help all those embarking on the Kili adventure to read the day to day blog.  

Please use the links at the top of this page to navigate across the site. The picture used in the background of this site is from 3rd cave and shows the amazing views from my tent looking down on the clouds. The gentleman on the bottom right of this page is James, our amazing lead guide.  

I will update this site whenever I remember things that might be important, so please do check back often as the advice/tips and blog may have changed. 

Day to Day Blog

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